photo by: @patrick.hershberger

Bio - Steven Teller

A Florida born, ocean-minded street artist who fuels his creative journey following the course his paint directs him.   Steven is a multi-disciplined artist specializing in street art and large-scale public murals.  He creates an abstract realism that features human figures, animals, and nature in colorful geometric spaces.  Chasing projects from wall to wall, he travels with his artwork to different festivals, events, and mural projects across the world.  Steven continues that journey today to share his artwork worldwide and to bring a healing moment to everyone along the path of his artistic expression.

Artist Statement -2020 

I create to offer a new moment of perspective. A doorway to a fresh setting. Diverging from the previous river of time. An offering to momentarily step into a different space, vantage point, or sentiment. So, I paint representations of natural beauty, metaphors of growth, and a positive perspective. I do this by using captivating and palatable color schemes depicting floral designs entwined with portraits and animals in graphically geometric, abstract spaces. 

There is nothing more wondrous than the beauty of the natural world, both visually and metaphorically. Not only does nature create some of the most beautiful forms and color schemes, but it also works in perfect harmony... balancing life and death to create an ever evolving state of unity and growth, with the opportunity to blossom. Like a plant. Reaching for the light. Always growing. These realizations arose through extended periods surrounded by nature. As such, I adopted them as my artistic philosophy, which is to represent the beauty and harmony of nature and its ability to seek growth through all odds. 

Through experiences of painting large scale public art, I now realize that it comes with a responsibility. Public artwork has the capacity to impact the everyday lives of many. So, with this responsibility, why not impact others with a positive perspective?